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Beacon Bee Cubed!
Assorted items enclosed in a clear box on a poplar base.
5.5"h x 5"w x 5"d

A gift box where 3 becomes 9!

As always, our balm (1) moisturizes; our votive (2) illuminates, and our Tick Stick (3) protects. In addition, our new gift box is not only a container for our products, but a gift in its own right! Each one is (4) a unique sculptural object designed by sculptor Matt Harle (aka 1/2 of Beacon Bee). Leave the cube on, and you have (5) a reusable box for gifts and storage. Take the cube off (by unscrewing the feet, removing (and recycling! (#3)) the box, and then reattaching the feet), and you have (6) a multi-purpose stand for art objects or jewelry (keep the nail to hold your rings, or remove it by giving it a tap and pulling it out from below). Place the candle on a dish (not included), and you have (7) an attractive candle base. Or you can use one of the pre-drilled holes to (8) hold incense sticks. And the base also makes (9) an excellent coaster or trivet!
And that’s why we call it Beacon Bee Cubed!

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